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So my son, who is three, just started preschool this week. He’ll be going 3x/wk, and I already miss his little ol’ voice around the house — asking for graham crackers, pretending his 18-inch-tall plastic T-Rex is everything from a hovercraft (?!) to a “banana shooter” (??!), arguing from under hilariously droopy eyelids that he does NOT need a nap, Mommy … heh.

And but so one of the things I’d been putting off because I couldn’t do it with him underfoot was that super-fun ritual of the Aged: my first mammogram. There’s no way you can’t have at least a little bit of nervousness about that, right? So many ways for your dread imagination to take flight, even if you, like me, are not really the nervous type.

An Absolute Strength and Endurance workout has more benefits than you realized …
An Absolute Strength and Endurance workout has more benefits than you realized …

But then in Absolute Strength and Endurance on Tuesday, one of the gals mentioned that she was going for her regular mammo that afternoon, and several others chimed in about either having theirs recently or how they’ve gotta schedule the next one, etc., and it just seemed all of a sudden so … normal. I said I had my appointment the next day, and we were all, like, high-fiving each other for takin’ care of business — the fact that this was happening as we were in the middle of a very tough workout made it pretty hilarious, as well as on-point: Working out, getting stronger, protecting our hearts, bones, balance, etc., and supporting each other in seeing to the rest of our health needs. All the more reason to love my AbFit crew!

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