I Scream for Ice Cream

via – Ashley I., Team AVAC®

“Food is the most widely abused anxiety drug and exercise is the most potent underutilized anti-depressant”
-Bill Phillips

Image via popsugar.comAs I was researching for my blog post, I knew I wanted to do it based on my addiction. Ice-cream is always there for me, it never lets me down. Unfortunately the next day I always regret it, mainly because I have a dairy allergy. That’s the power of addiction.

If you are a constant reader of our AVAC® blogs you will know from my previous blogs that I often take AbsoluteFit classes. They have undoubtedly helped me get more fit and loose those pounds, but now I have to work on my addiction. Food or ice-cream is the first thing I want to grab when I’m having a bad day, how do I break this habit?

To help me get on the right path I started asking for nutritional advice from my personal trainer, Jon Cebula. The first thing I realized was that it wasn’t just the ice-cream in the evening that was the problem, it was my diet throughout the day. Not having enough protein throughout the day was causing me to have sugar cravings. If I ate right from breakfast to dinner not only would I lose more weight I would no longer crave the ice-cream in the evening.

Jon proceeded to give me breakfast, snack and dinner advice. I’m working on a food log so he can continue to monitor my progress, all that’s needed from me is complete honesty.

Working at AVAC and being on my feet all day can sometimes lead me to reach for the odd cookie. Jon has gone the extra mile and walked me to the café and shown me the heathier snacks I should reach for.

I’ll keep y’all posted on how my next challenge is going.

A little insider knowledge, AVAC is working on improving its nutritional standards. We want to work alongside our personal trainers to give the best healthy options we can to our members.

– Ashley

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