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Want to Burn a Huge Chunk of those Excess Calories?

via – Jon Cebula | Personal Trainer, AVAC®

This is an example of a “1000-Calorie Burn-Off Workout” to free the body of those excess calories. The purpose of this workout is caloric expenditure. This is accomplished by maintaining a steady state of training and keeping your intensity levels between something “Somewhat Hard” and “Hard”. Good Luck! Work Hard and Burn those Calories!

  • “1000-Calorie Burn-Off Workout!”
    • Complete 2-sets of the following exercises:
      • 100 – Jumping Jacks (10-25 cals.)
      • 1-mile: Walk / Jog @ 3.5 mph+ (100-300 cals.)
      • 100 – Crunches (40-60 cals.)
      • 25 – Burpees (75-100 cals.)
      • 5-mile: Bike @ 75 rpm Level 2+ (90-120 cals.)
      • 100 – Squats (30-50 cals.)
        • Total Caloric Burn: 2-sets 670 – 1310 Calories

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this workout, feel free to contact AVAC Personal Trainer: Jon Cebula (jcebula@AVAC.us)


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