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AVAC Swim School® Spotlight: Genna Le

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AVAC Swim School® recently highlighted the story of a special little girl, Genna Le. Genna is one our amazing special needs swimmers who has thrived in AVAC’s Swim School program.

swim spot



Geena with Stephen Hockemeyer, her instructor

Geena Le

Geena Le came to us a few years ago to learn to swim. A lot of kids come to AVAC in hopes of learning to swim, but Geena’s story is a little bit different. At a young age, Geena was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which is a neurological disorder that permanently affects body movement and muscle coordination. Cerebral palsy can’t be cured, but treatment will often improve a child’s capabilities. In Geena’s case, she has never been able to walk. When Geena came to AVAC for the first time, her mom, Sally, was skeptical as to whether or not we would be open to working with her, but what she didn’t know at that point was that here at AVAC, we have what we call an “Open Door Policy.” Anyone is welcome to come in for lessons and we will always do our best to get them into the pool. Our teachers are not therapists, but we do train them to have a solid foundation of knowledge about potential needs of students we might encounter (ie. The autism spectrum, Down Syndrome, Visual Impairment, amongst others). Geena has worked with multiple instructors throughout her time here, but something pretty amazing happened early this spring. When diagnosing Geena, her doctors and therapists told Sally that Geena would not be able to walk; not even in a pool. Thanks to the work of our instructors here at AVAC, Geena took her first steps with her teacher Stephen Hockemeyer in the Spring of this year. Congratulations Geena!

View the entire Swimmer Spotlight story here.

via – Danielle Griffith-Jones, AVAC Swim School Director


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