AVAC® means Family to me!

via – Cathie Fincannon, Team AVAC

I have been a part of the AVAC family for 25 years. And when I say family, I mean just that. Yesterday brought that home to me visually in a very real way.

If you haven’t heard (and it sure would be hard to say you haven’t with how excited we all are about it!), AVAC® is hosting the AVAC® Supersprint Triathlon on February 28, 2015. This is going to be an exciting, fun event that all members of your family – there’s that word again – and friends are welcome to participate in. All the proceeds are going to charity; we are happy for this event to be supporting TurningWheels for Kids. TurningWheels for Kids raises funds year-round to purchase new bicycles, helmets and locks for underprivileged and health-challenged children. If you need or want more info, see any AVAC® Team Member and we will be happy to help. But I digress…

Yesterday our staff did a dry run of the Triathlon to work on the logistics for the event. Eleven different staff members signed up to be a part of the run through. We had two relay teams and 5 individuals take part. I actually took part in one of the relay teams, doing the swim leg for our team. I was by far the oldest team member there, and was sure I was going to completely fail! I actually surprised myself by completing my portion just slightly behind Danielle Griffith-Jones, our Swim School Director who is young enough to be my daughter. Jeff Griffith-Jones, her husband and our General Manager was in the second wave. – Family. My sixteen year old daughter, Mikaela, had agreed to come help time the event, but instead was convinced to be the bike leg for our relay team. – Family again. Chris and Kristin Cordova (our Fitness Director and one of our Swim School Site Managers) were on deck coordinating and timing for the race. While I was getting out of the pool I saw Taylor Cordova, Chris and Kristin’s beautiful toddler daughter hanging out with her aunt, encouraging all the racers. – Family. Are you seeing what I am seeing?

AVAC® is all about families. Ours and yours. Together. Whether family by blood, or by choice, we are family. Come gather with your AVAC® family for our events, and visit, play and workout with family in 2015!

-Cathie Fincannon, Team AVAC

Register for the AVAC Supersprint Triathlon, February 28, 2015
Register for the AVAC Supersprint Triathlon, February 28, 2015


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