Bring it On 2015!

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sheena 1.22.15

Yes it is the beginning of the year. The time when we get to start over and make new friends, try new things and make new goals. However it is easy to make new goals, but to actually follow through with them is another story. Everyone tells you that the best way to make it happen is to write them down and blast it everywhere so you can be accountable for them. So that is exactly what I am going to do.

Last year I had a lot of firsts that I never even thought would happen. I ran a marathon, climbed Mt. Shasta, went spelunking, and turned 30…Ok I guess I knew that was happening. I feel it was a big year and this one should be bigger.

My First Goal: Do a Triathalon!!!!! This is something I have been pondering over for a couple years and I think it is finally time to stop pondering and start doing! I have been looking up different ways of training for all 3 events involved and it is pretty intense. Like nothing I have ever done. Things I have read say that you need at least 12 weeks of training for a sprint triathalon. I think I will go for a super sprint first…TriAVAC here I come!!!!! and then another super sprint, and finally a real one. Again I’m still looking for some good ones so if any of you know who I am feel free to drop some my way!

My Second Goal: Actually race a Half Marathon!! I have done Half Marathons before but I have always felt like I was dragging my feet. This time I am going to train my butt off so I can attempt to make it in under 2 hours. That is pretty much a 9 minute mile……eek! Ok I can do this…

My Third Goal: Ok this one is a little cheesy, but you know you all want it as well….get in shape for summer!!! Yes I want to have at least one year that I can say I worked my butt off and I can be proud of it while I walk in a bikini. I guess that means I am going to be doing a lot of ABSOLUTE FIT in the next couple months. Bring it on I am ready.

I realize this is a lot of fitness goals, but I think it’s doable. What do you think? This is going to be one exciting year. I challenge you to jump on the wagon and make your own list! What is 2015 going to bring you?

Sheena Dinga
Site Manager, AVAC Swim School

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