23% of people set their goals too high. Maybe this is the reason why so many people throw in the towel just months, sometimes even weeks into starting a workout regimen.

54% of people who work out are happier. So in case you needed an extra boost in your mood, now you have an excuse.

19% who people who worked out improved relationships with family, friends.

21% had more sex. In fact, physical activity can increase blood flow in a way that has a direct affect on sexual function. One study found a link between physical activity erectile function among men between 18 and 40.

14% say working out was too hard. We recommend that you start training with a friend to motivate you. But always keep in mind that exercising isn’t meant to be easy. Building strength takes time and a lot of dedication. No pain no gain!

Exercising can give you better skin. Sweating can help you develop a natural glow post-working out. Of course, it has to be balanced out with healthy foods getting plenty of oxygen.

Staying active can improve your eyesight. One study found that regular exercise may be a link to lowered risk of developing glaucoma.

(Photo: Paul Bradbury/Getty Images)

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