Summer Getaways Through AVAC®

Almaden Valley Athletic Club® | Wellness Trips June, 2015   Have the itch to travel? Take a trip with us! AVAC's® Senior Wellness Program has planned two trips in June, 2015. One is headed to Mackinac Island, Michigan and the other is headed to Ireland. Both tours are well planned and give the you, the... Continue Reading →


Outrunning Teenage Me, and Other AbsoluteFIT Tales

via - Lydia M, AbsoluteFIT Participant | Almaden Valley Athletic Club Do you think you could kick your own teenage self’s butt, if you were to go up against her (or him) in a footrace or other physical challenge? Six months ago, Teenage Me would’ve left 40-Year-Old Me in the dust, and laughed as she... Continue Reading →

being fit is better than being skinny

via - Ellie Goulding: 'Being Fit Is Better Than Being Skinny,' 'Lights' Singer Says In New Nike Campaign Ellie Goulding is the face of a new Nike campaign for women's activewear labeled "A Melody of Movement." In a new promotional video, the singer famous for the hits "Lights" and "Beating Heart" can be seen... Continue Reading →

Doctors say: eat more avocado!

via - I Quit Sugar Who Doesn't Like an Excuse to Eat More Avocado?!!! The Journal of the American Heart Association last week published the results of a year-long study, and the news is reason to celebrate! Just as we've long suspected, a diet that includes an abundance of these creamy green treats is now proven to... Continue Reading →

Bring it On 2015!

via - Sheena Dinga, Site Manager | AVAC Swim School Yes it is the beginning of the year. The time when we get to start over and make new friends, try new things and make new goals. However it is easy to make new goals, but to actually follow through with them is another story.... Continue Reading →

Any Idea What the Trendiest Food of 2014 Was?

via - With the Golden Globes this past weekend and Oscar nominations announced this coming weekend, the 2015 awards season is in full swing. But why should movie stars have all the fun? 2014’s top superfoods and sweat-inducing workouts deserve some attention, too! Good thing the gurus behind food and fitness tracking app MyFitnessPal... Continue Reading →

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