Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey: In the Sick of It


via – Lydia M., AVAC® AbsoluteFIT Participant

Right now, they’re all at Marie’s Strength and Endurance session … and I’m on my couch — sick, bummed, and chafing at the inactivity.

Right now, right this minute, a roomful of people are working out, led by the fearless and indefatigable Marie. They’re doing a Strength and Endurance session, one of my very favorite workouts. They’re feeling good, feeling strong, L-I-V-I-N.

And where am I? On my couch, with a box of Kleenex being rapidly depleted, a shot of the good cough syrup in my system (the real deal, prescription, with codeine), and a fever hovering at 99.9. Know this: Despite my NyQuil hangover and paroxysms of coughing (pre-syrup), I almost went to the gym today. I took two Tylenol for the fever, Googled “can I work out with a fever” just to see if the answer was different from yesterday (specifically, across a range of trusted medical websites: HELL NO, CRAZY PERSON), and put on my workout clothes.

But then I did a few warm-up moves in my kitchen, almost passed out, and wobbled over to my computer to cancel my reservation for today. For the third day in a row. In case it isn’t clear: I HATE THIS. I hate missing workouts, especially so many at once, after 1) the Thanksgiving week off, 2) last week when my son was sick, and 3) now me being sick. I can’t stand admitting I’m sick, I can’t stand taking it easy or napping when I’ve got stuff to do, and I can’t stand not being active. I can practically feel my hard-won strength gains slipping away by the second — as if I’m watching my iPhone battery drain before my eyes; there’s a phantom tightness in my most comfortable jeans; my body is creaky and weird from the enforced inactivity.

I know I have to rest to get better, or I might make myself even worse. I know, OK? I know!!! Not to mention the contagion — I don’t want to infect innocent people with this crapola, which alone should have been enough to keep my selfish bod home … [sigh].

But it’s hard. I miss the studio and everybody in it. I can’t wait to get back to my routine.

—Lydia M. 

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