The unwanted, unreturnable gift that keeps on giving…

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xmas weight gain

AHHH, as much as we love the holidays, we dread the weight gain. The NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) found when researching this subject that when asked what they dreaded the most about the holiday season 37% of Americans surveyed said ‘weight gain’. Sadly a slight % said that they dreaded being nice. Yikes.

The NCSF (National Council on Strength & Fitness) reported that the average weight gain during the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is one to ten pounds. Typically the leaner the person the lower the weight gain. The actual problem with the weight is not the gain itself. It’s the research that shows most people don’t actually ever lose this weight. Thus one pound becomes ten in ten years and so on.

One last statistic, 51% of the annual weight gain in Americans happens during this short six weeks. “In short the weight gained during the holidays became the unwanted, un-returnable gift that kept on giving.” ‘Let’s Talk Nutrition.’

Lots of things contribute to this weight gain:

  • More social events
  • Less sleep
  • Stress
  • Interrupted workout days
  • Travel
  • Different food choices than ones normal fare

Here is a quick list of Healthy Holiday Habits you can share:

  • Eat before you attend a social event
  • If alcohol is served, drink a glass or better yet a bottle of water between drinks
  • You can also get a sparkling water, add a lime and ‘pretend to drink’
  • Stand as far away from the food table as you can
  • If there are different sized plates, take the smallest one
  • Fill your plate with salad, veggies, fruit – first
  • If you are bringing food, bring a healthy choice
  • Change your exercise / fitness regime as little as possible during this time
  • Get the family out for a walk together on any of the specific holidays where clubs are closed – make it an annual thing
  • Learn to say “No, thank you” to passed plates.

Let’s beat the statistics and aim for NO weight gain this year!

– Becky Smothermon | Team AVAC®

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