Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey – Me vs. Me, Round 4: The Fourth Assessment

My three-year-old has been sick since Monday night (fever, awful meaty cough, general pitiful loginess, poor guy!), so I’ve been unable to go to AVAC — which means I couldn’t make any of the assessment sessions. I could’ve skipped it … but I can’t do that, I gotta know how I’m doing! Especially after this week I just took almost completely off (Thanksgiving with the fam at my mom’s house … a week of Tex-Mex, recreational baking, Shiner Bock, all of the things fried and covered in cream gravy — it was awesome, if unsustainable in the long term!). So I did my own assessment, with the help of the timer on my iPhone and a complete lack of self-consciousness (i.e. if I stood there after each exercise, heaving, sucking wind, cursing aloud with my hands on my knees, y’all would never know … ).

Here’s how it went:

  • Squats: 59, up from 50 last time. You guys: QUADS, I got ‘em.
  • Burpees: Another uptick: 25 (compared to 24 last month). SO MUCH HATE.
  • Push-ups: 40, a shocking-for-me increase over the previous 35. I think this is because I got help with my form from my coach, Oceana.
  • Skaters: 81 — daaaang! (Up from 75 last time).
  • Alternating reverse lunges: 46, increased by 2 from last month.
  • Sit-ups: 26 — a few more than the previous 22.
  • Planks: 22, which is one less than last month, BUT: the first 16! were full planks, and the rest on my knees; that’s double the number of full-extension planks over last month’s 8. (You hold a plank position with arms fully extended, go down to your elbows, get back to full extension. It’s tough.)
  • Spin bike: I don’t have one of these, so no measurement this time.
assessment 4 pic
After a Thanksgiving week in my Texas hometown (Tex-Mex! Shiner Bock! Fried things/cream gravy!), how would I do on my monthly assessment?

After I was done — and feeling rather thrilled with myself, especially since I’d expected to do so badly due to the time off — I did a 20-minute workout from my favorite backup-workout website, They don’t push me like Marie, Marcy, Oceana, Jon and Jackie do, but it’s better than nothing, and when life/kids/whatnot puts a hurdle in your path, you just have to leap over it.

How’d you do this month?

—Lydia M.

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