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This time of year everyone starts to reflect on the last 365 days and think of how they can do it better in the next year. For me, I find myself reflecting back on my life and am amazed at what I have done so far. I just turned 30, which means that I have said good bye to my fun and exploring 20’s and all that is left to expect is joints aching, wrinkles starting to form, and gray hair starting to show…right? Well thank god that hasn’t started yet.

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Being around the gym environment my whole adult life, I have just fallen into the active lifestyle. I know this is the reason that I have not “started to fall apart” and looking back I am glad that it worked out this way. Staying active was never something that my parents instilled in us as kids, but I always wish that they had. It is so important to just walk sometimes instead of drive. I don’t know how it happened but all of my siblings and I try to do things to stay active and healthy whether it is actually going to the gym or just meeting up with some friends to play football or some other crazy sport (the football thing is definitely not me). I love that I can call them up and say “Hey there is this really cool race I want to sign up for. Wanna do it with me?” And with out hesitation or any kind of training we can get up and run 3.1 miles in sloshy shoes across the slip n’ slide into the pool of bubbles (yes we did the ROC race). In turn we are teaching our not so healthy father how to add some kind of fun activity into his life. And after a year it is finally starting to kick in…yes!

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In my 20’s I hiked Half Dome, went camping for the first time, ran my first half marathon and full marathon, climbed Mt. Shasta and dabbled in rock climbing and spelunking. I can’t wait to see what the 30’s have in store and how they are going to ever top my roaring 20‘s. Maybe I will finally do my first triathlon and destination race. Only time will tell.

– Sheena Dinga, Team AVAC

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