Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey: Kicking Off An AbsoluteFIT Holiday Season

This holiday season, I'm not gonna wreck the hard work I've put into AbsoluteFIT -- but I'm also not gonna wreck my fun with needless guilt.
This holiday season, I’m not gonna wreck the hard work I’ve put into AbsoluteFIT — but I’m also not gonna wreck my fun with needless guilt.

I’ve gotten to such a good place with AbsoluteFIT — measurable gains in strength and endurance, measurable losses in weight and circumference, and immeasurable boosts in energy and motivation — that I have a genuine desire not to wreck it all in the Season Of Eating And Drinking, aka the Thanksgiving-to-my-birthday stretch of six weeks that contains alllll the things good to eat and drink, all the time.

But I’m also firmly against wrecking my fun with guilt — that’s just no way to live. So I’m going to skip past all those awful “helpful tips for avoiding holiday weight gain” articles (does it bum anyone else out, the perennial advice to stick to crudites at parties?), and do the season like this:

–Keep prioritizing my workouts. No matter how many bajillion other things I have to do, working out makes me feel good and keeps my stress level low. I’m never, ever sorry to have worked out, but I often heartily regret not having done so.

–Don’t waste calories; spend them well. I’ll pass up store-bought cookies without feeling any pain. But a piece — and probably another, maybe even a third — of the double-chocolate sheet cake from my grandmother’s recipe, baked by my mom in the pan my grandmother always used? Heck yeah!

–Accept that this part of the year is a maintenance phase, not a time for losing weight. I admit this is a hard one for me. But I can either make myself crazy and do stupid stuff like not eating all day long so I can “afford” everything I want at a special holiday dinner with wine pairings … or I can just know that at times, I’m going to go over budget, and I need to be extra careful about good nutrition the rest of the time to keep it balanced.

–Keep logging food and exercise via MyFitnessPal. It keeps ya honest. Plus, won’t January’s entries look good compared to these?

How about you? What’s your holiday plan [she asks, relishing a plate of homemade tamales and the world’s coldest, most delicious Dos Equis]?

PS: Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your friends and family!

–Lydia M.

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