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Therapeutic Yoga | Nanci Tudish
Tuesdays | 1 – 2 PM
Pilates Studio | Almaden Valley Athletic Club


Therapeutic Yoga is a carefully-designed collection of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breath work, guided meditation, and hands-on healing.  What makes Therapeutic Yoga unique is that there are no standing poses.  It is a perfect practice for anyone with injuries, arthritis, inflammation, or challenges.  It is equally beneficial for students with no health issues but want to reduce stress, relax, and renew.  Everyone can benefit.  Therapeutic Yoga works with the autonomic nervous system by reducing the body’s “fight or flight“ response to stress and thus increasing its ”rest and rejuvenation“ ability.

Therapeutic Yoga is done on the floor with the use of props for maximum comfort.  The student is in each pose for  5-15 minutes with the support of props.  During that time the instructor assists the student with gentle massage, Reiki energy work, and support.  Resting in each pose calms the entire body and nervous system and permits deep relaxation which is needed for healing to occur.


The body relaxes and unwinds tension which reduces the body‘s stress response.  Benefits include:  lowering blood pressure, reducing muscle tension, increasing digestive activity, and enhancing immune system function.  It helps the body stay healthy by milking the lymphatic system, toning the internal organs, and enhancing circulation of blood and energy.  This supports the body’s natural healing and rejuvenation process.  Just as with traditional yoga, the student finishes a session feeling more vibrant, alive, and balanced.

-Mary Ann Smith, Team AVAC® |

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