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via – Ken DeHart, Tennis Director, Team AVAC®

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 – the perfect social – competitive connection to find active, young thinking and athletic people to network with you. There are so many ways to “get in the game” with the tennis world, here are 10 great reasons to make tennis your game: 

  1. Find your lifetime sport – from ages 4 to 100 there are tennis leagues, games and instruction.  They even have national championships for players 100 and over as well as Red Ball competition for players 4 – 8 years old.
  2. Find friends – there are hundreds of ways to compete and find friends: Group clinics, leagues, social mixers, tournaments, trips, drop in match play and more.
  3. Find what you are looking for – with so many connections with tennis you are bound to find a friend who has exactly the contact information you need from doctors, real estate agents, favorite restaurants, best car dealer, best bargains to shop, amazing wines or beers and more
  4. Travel – win a local event and go to districts then sectionals and even nationals. There are numerous tennis trips for vacations or even to see the US Open, Wimbledon, French Open or Australian Open – even a local ATP Challenger Tournament in your area, how about a tennis camp.
  5. Select the best equipment– There are racquet companies, shoes, strings, clothes, hats, grips and accessories to choose from to help make you the perfect player. Players love to search the best to improve their game.
  6. Find the perfect Tennis Club – with hundreds of tennis clubs to choose from, you can select the one for you that fits like a glove. Do you want a country club, public facility, indoor club, outdoor club, one with swimming, fitness or a restaurant? It’s out there for you.
  7. Search the internet – like researching the net for important tennis tips, best videos of the pros, tips to improve your game, best buy on equipment, camps, trips, conditioning or people who like what you like.
  8. Conditioning – hate being in a gym to get your conditioning on? Do it on the court with tips on how to train for flexibility, stamina, strength, aerobics with Cardio Tennis, avoid injuries or rehabbing — you can find it all to be the best athlete you can be for as long as you want to be.
  9. Meet a mate – forget about, with tennis opportunities you can find a mate for life who loves what you love – outdoors, social, athletic, being around friends and loves to compete and be with you.
  10. Find a job – beats McDonald’s all to pieces. Become a certified tennis teaching professional, tournament referee, stringer, social director, tennis director, open a tennis pro shop, organize tennis trips, volunteer at youth programs, start a community tennis center even become a middle school or high school tennis coach.
  11. No matter what you are looking for tennis can help you find it. “Get in the Game” and fall in love with a game for a lifetime.


– Ken DeHart, Team AVAC


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