Want More Strength? Get Flexible.

via – Jonathan W. Cebula, AVAC Personal Trainer

Want more Strength? Get flexible.

photo via fit4tennis.ws
photo via fit4tennis.ws

It is a common known fact that if you want to increase your muscular strength that you should start a routine of strength training which includes a regimen of weight lifting. But, did you also know that you could increase overall muscular strength and tone through flexibility training?

Commonly misconceived as strictly “Stretching”, Flexibility Training is a progressive and structured approach to; Increasing Range of Motion, Improving Ease of Mobility, Improving Quality of Movement, Improved Muscle Length-Tension Relationships, and Optimization of Neuromuscular Facilitation. Flexibility Training can include such modalities as: Classic Stretching, Yoga, Pilates, Joint Mobility, Movement Training, Functional Training, and Calisthenics.

Stretching can lead to improvement in Muscular Strength by improving Muscle Length-Tension Relationships. Muscular Length-Tension Relationship is basically how “tight” the muscle is. Think of it like Goldie Locks; if the muscle is too tight, you are limiting muscular strength, If the muscle is too loose, you are limiting muscular strength in the opposite way. Ideally, the length-tension is just right.

Additionally, stretching can increase the available Range of Motion at a particular joint. This increase of motion will allow you the ability to create strength through a larger range of motion, which ultimately, will increase absolute strength.

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Jonathan W. Cebula, CPT
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