Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey…Short Takes: AbsoluteFIT Tapas

Short Takes: AbsoluteFIT Tapas

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Trying new things, making fitness fit your life, knowing when to say when — it’s an AbsoluteFIT potpourri!

Just had my third monthly assessment, which I’ll post about soon — but in the meantime, here are a few short items of note:

—Two new-to-me classes I’ve tried lately: 

  • Tennis Conditioning, 10:00 a.m. Friday: This is a new 8-week series currently underway on Court 11, led by Oceana. It’s aimed at improving strength, flexibility and endurance for sports, especially tennis, and I loved the different moves and emphasis — so much fun! I am hoping to get back into tennis soon, after a years-long hiatus (kids, life, whatnot), which made this extra relevant for me, but it’s a great workout for anyone who is active or in any kind of sport.
  • 5:30 Core/Cardio with Jackie Vail: I knew I wouldn’t get a workout on Monday unless I got it early — really early, because some guys were coming to tear up my living room with power tools at 8:00. So I dragged myself out of bed well before the crack of dawn and did my first session with Jackie. It was tough — and not just because it was at 5:30 a.m.: Jackie don’t play! But tough is good, and now I know that if I have to take the early shift, it’ll be worth the effort of getting there.

—Knowing when to say when: After two upper-body-focused AbsoluteFIT workouts in two days last week, my shoulders were feeling … used. Not painful, exactly — the trainers make sure you’re doing the moves right, so injuries are much less likely — but sore enough that it seemed like a good idea to take a day off … and I really didn’t want to. But my husband reminded me that overtraining can lead to real injuries and put you out of the program altogether — so, I ran on the treadmill that day, sparing the shoulders, and felt perfectly fine the next day, ready for Marie’s Strength and Stability session. It’s all about listening to your body!

—Lydia M.

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