Lydia’s Journey Through AbsoluteFIT: “Checking In – 2 Month Progress Report”

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Another 1.5 pounds down on the scale. Another inch off my waist. And a feeling of invincibility — now, that’s a good month’s work!

Checking In: 2-Month Progress Report

If you’ve been around AVAC® lately, you’ve likely seen the AbsoluteFIT flyer starring me — it’s all over the place, heh. (A friend who’s an AVAC® member sent me a pic of it from her phone with the concise commentary: “LOL”). It felt a little weird, agreeing to put myself “out there” like that, but I’m pretty dang proud of how my hard work has paid off, so … there I am, in print, telling it like it is.

And about that hard work and the payoff: I just had my second monthly check-in with my coach, Oceana. The results?

Another 1.5 pounds down on the scale. Another inch off my waist. Body fat percentage and BMI holding steady (although nicely reduced in the tricep and hip measurements). But that’s just the numbers.

The true measure of progress is how I feel now, which is: frickin’ invincible. I’m standing taller, I sleep more soundly, I have more energy — I’m even more efficient at running. (Once a week or so, if I can’t make an AbsoluteFIT session, I’ll run on the treadmill instead; 4.25 miles in 45 minutes — which is actually pretty smokin’ fast for me — and it just feels like it doesn’t cost me anything, whereas a distance like that at a speed like that would have been a real slog a couple of months ago.)

I know I’ll continue to see healthy gains — and I honestly look forward to my workouts every day. Come on in and try it yourself!

– Lydia M. 

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