Ready, Set, Go?!

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Ready, Set, Go?!

Starting tomorrow, we are off and running into the Holiday Season.  It seems like only yesterday we had turned the corner into 2014.  For me, this year brought many changes, most of them pretty good, and several had to do with getting fit.  This year saw me change some of my eating habits, cutting out sugar for about 4 months, which had a benefit of me feeling better, and an added bonus of losing some weight.  Always a plus (or minus!) in my book.  I took up running, which I must admit I am not still in love with, but I realize definitely contributes to a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve taken several of our AbsoluteFit classes, all of which provide an incredible workout with trainers who make the workout fun, and are able to tailor what I am doing to my fitness level.  Then after about a 30 year hiatus, I also headed back out to the tennis courts here at AVAC.  I am having the time of my life as I participate in the clinics put on by Ken DeHart, Manny Fernandez, and the rest of our amazing Tennis Team.  If you haven’t tried them yet, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so.

This leads me up to the upcoming holiday time.  Starting with Halloween and running through Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Day we will be running around decorating, gift buying, baking, and gathering with friends and family.  It is a season that is full of fun and fellowship, but oftentimes can be overly stressful.  I want to encourage all of you, and myself, to look at what is really important, and let go of the “stuff” that we often get wrapped up in.  First, I would encourage you not to give up your healthy habits.  Make sure to put on your calendar time to exercise, whether it is a class, or a time to meet up with a friend for a walk at one of the many amazing parks in our area.  The holidays are a time of sweets, from Halloween candy, to Pumpkin pie, to the myriad of cookies that the season brings.  Be choosy about what you eat.  I will tell you that there is no way that I will not be eating my favorite sweets, but I am going to try to be more mindful of when I do so.   Try to plan some “me” time, when you do nothing but rest and relax, recharging your batteries.  And most importantly, enjoy this time with family and friends.  These are the treasures that can’t be bought, wrapped up, and given away, and they are truly what we should be celebrating!

Let’s finish “the race” of 2014 strongly, healthfully, and surrounded by our loved ones.  And then we can look to 2015 to be even more exciting!

-Cathie F., Team AVAC

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