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I’ve always been one to enjoy solo workouts- whether it is running sprints in the hills by Lexington reservoir, a track workout at my old high school, or the usual weights session at AVAC with music blasting through my headphones. I’ve been playing competitive sports since I was 4 years old so exercise has always been a part of my daily routine. Group exercise has never really been something I would try, but my lovely co-worker Donna finally convinced me to try an AbsoluteFit class with her this month and I absolutely love it. We went to Marcy’s Core and Cardio class and are now regulars. Marcy was able to handle the different fitness levels of all participants in the class and modify moves for different people, when necessary. She was upbeat and kept me pumped up throughout the entire class, even during the scissor kick exercise. Now, every time Marcy sees me she asks how I’m feeling and what classes I will be coming to next. It’s things like this that make me want to keep coming to her classes…even though she totally kicks my buttJ. I’ve even branched out and tried Marie’s total body circuit which is a great option for anyone who enjoys an outdoor workout. I’m glad Donna talked me into trying these classes with her because it’s turned into a fun thing we get to do together each week.


Core is my weakness and cardio is a struggle for me.  It’s been over a year since I have really been able to push myself to go work out, so I decided to try what everyone keeps raving about -AbsoluteFit. I took Marcy’s Cardio and Core class as a starting point for myself to get back into a routine to get in shape. The energy of her class is so motivational. Not only are you getting a great workout, but you are having fun while doing it. I honestly never felt so excited to work out until after taking her class, now it’s something I look forward to. It is 45 minutes of high intense interval training, short and sweet, and just enough time to fit in my busy schedule. I enjoy working out in a small group setting, and no matter what level you are at, or what limitations you may have, Marcy is great at modifying your workout and still making you feel at pace with the rest of the team. Marcy goes above and beyond just putting you through an awesome workout, she follows up with you. She came to find me in the club the next day to ask how I was feeling and to make sure I was following up with nutrition and exercises for recovery. AbsoluteFit has helped me build more of routine for myself and give me more of a reason to want to work out.

Whether you only like to work out by yourself or it’s just been awhile since you’ve been in the gym, we suggest giving AbsoluteFit a try. It’s a great way to start your workout routine back up or take it to a new level if you have hit a plateau. Here at AVAC, there is something for everyone…and AbsoluteFit could be that ‘something’ for you!

– Sara & Donna, TeamAVAC

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  1. Marcy’s sessions are great, aren’t they? I thought of myself as a solo exerciser for awhile, but the small-group sessions are the perfect blend of personal effort, trainer attention, and team camaraderie — glad you’re enjoying them too!

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