Do You Move?

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It’s something that we do every day. Whether it’s walking to the car, putting the groceries away, playing outside with the kids or just doing your normal chores; every day you move. But, how well do you move? What is the quality of your movement? Are your movements painful? Are they limited? Do you truly understand HOW to move?

The above questions are asked to begin to get you thinking about your arthrokinematic health or, to put it simply, your “Joint Health”. Arthrokinematics is a scientific term used to describe the specific movements of the articulating joint surfaces. Joint Mobility is the effective practice of implementing a structured and progressive exercise program designed to improve and increase arthrokinematic health by increasing quality of movement, range of motion, increase blood circulation, and over-all joint function.

On Tuesday, October 217 – 8 pm at the Almaden Valley Athletic Club, our Wellness Series will be hosting a lecture series on: Mobility & Movement – The Benefits of Arthrokinematic Health. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Joint Health, to ask questions, and to sample what a Joint Mobility Class is all about.

Learn how to open and expand your movements. Learn how to move with control, precision and purpose. Learn how to move this wonderful thing we call our “Body”.

Click here for more information and to register.

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