Lee’s Journey: One Month Later — My First AbsoluteFIT Check-in


Soooo … you guys wanna know if AbsoluteFIT is working, right?

The short answer: YES.

The slightly longer answer: I could feel the difference in my energy level, stamina, and strength after just a couple of weeks. I started to see the difference in my muscles and posture after about three weeks. And at four weeks, I met with Oceana again to get the numbers.

The marquee item from my measurements is: I lost three inches off my waist. In just one month, y’all! This is particularly important to me not just because it gets me back into my favorite pair of jeans, but because the ol’ classic “spare tire” is associated with a rise in blood pressure, which I definitely do not want to mess with — especially if I can prevent it with lifestyle changes like this.

The other numbers showed a small but certain downward trend — body fat percentage down half a point, let’s-call-it-a-pound less on the scale, etc. Oceana took care to remind me that I wouldn’t be seeing really dramatic numbers in general, because I started from a pretty good weight and fitness level — but I genuinely wasn’t worried about that.

Because I feel good. I feel stronger. And I am STOKED that I can wear those jeans again.

Lee M.

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