Lee’s AbsoluteFIT Journey… Tracker’s Delight: My Top 5 “Cheap” Foods

Oh, how I love the approving little “This food is high in protein!” bug that pops up when I enter certain foods into MyFitnessPal …

Tracker’s Delight: My Top 5 “Cheap” Foods

Tracking my food as part of AbsoluteFIT has made me aware of how “expensive” some foods are (e.g. potato chips — so little nutrition, so many calories!) and how “cheap” others are (filling, nutritious, lower-calorie). Since I’m working on forming better eating habits for the long term, here are the top 5 “cheap” foods in my regular rotation:

  • Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt: Packed with protein (I love the approving little “This food is high in protein” bug that pops up on MyFitnessPal), portable, quick to eat, and filling — and only 100 calories (or 130 if you drizzle honey in it like I do). The perfect breakfast for a rushed morning. Which is, for me, every morning … [sigh].
  • Skinnypop popcorn: EHRMAGERD THIS IS SO GOOD. I mean, it’s not as good as the homemade popcorn my husband makes, with my Texas-size amounts of butter — but it’s dang tasty, super-filling, perfectly salted, and 39 calories per cup.
  • Safeway Refreshe seltzer: This stuff is so crisply refreshing — I drink two or three ice-cold cans of it every day. The perfect zero-calorie, zero-additive beverage, whether or not you fancy it up with a squeeze of fresh lime.
  • Apples: Especially this time of year, a fresh organic Fuji, Pink Lady, or SweeTango apple is a sweet, crispy, delicious treat — 80 perfect calories of wonderfulness.
  • Eggs: I hard-boil a dozen or so at a time — they’re fast, nutrient-rich, and versatile (I use them chopped up in a salad, sliced into udon bowls, whole as part of a quick on-the-go lunch, etc.). Maybe not so good for people with cholesterol problems, but if you’ve got the all-clear on that count, eggs are great.

What are your go-to “cheap” foods, tracker-wise, and the “expensive” ones that are worth it?

—Lee M. 

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