Lee’s Journey: Everything Is Awesome (When You do AbsoluteFIT)

This is the first time I’ve genuinely looked forward to working out — not just *having worked out,* but to the actual *doing of the work.*

You guys, I have to tell you this: I LOVE MY ABSOLUTEFIT WORKOUTS!

I mean it — this is the zealotry of the true believer. I’ve always been active in one way or another (minus a few weeks after having each of my kids), but this is the first time I can remember genuinely looking forward to working out.

Not just looking forward to having worked out — but to the actual doing of the work. These sessions are addictive, in the best possible way! Here are three reasons why, lately:

  • Saturday 9/27 Absolute Core/Cardio with Marcy, 9:00 a.m.: Frankly, I broke my no-gym-on-the-weekends rule because I wanted to bank some calories for a big, wine-filled dinner with friends that night. So I hauled the kids to AVAC’s childcare and headed up the stairs to the studio, and 45 minutes later, I was sweaty, physically spent, and like, HIGH ON LIFE. Marcy is hilarious (even though I told her she’s a mean, mean lady)— it was an energy-stoking mood-booster that lasted the entire day.
  • Thursday Absolute Core Stability with Marie, 10:00 a.m.: I can’t get enough of this workout. It burns as many calories as the others, but you don’t bounce around the way you do in, say, Core/Cardio; the moves are different, and it requires absolute concentration. This one plank/roll thing we did on the stability balls — a tiny little move of inches — worked a part of my abs that I didn’t know existed, which is often how things go with Marie.
  • Friday Boot Camp with Oceana, 9:00 a.m.: Out by the pool, working our butts off to the music unintentionally shared from the AquaFit class that was underway *in* the pool, Oceana’s creativity had us doing everything from weighted step-ups on a retaining wall to jump rope sprints and Frankenstein walks past the hot tub. No time to get bored, just giving it all we had in the cool morning sunshine — awesome!

What are your favorites, and why? Share in the comments!

—Lee M. 


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