Lydia’s Journey Through AbsoluteFIT: “Checking In – 2 Month Progress Report”

via - Lydia M. Checking In: 2-Month Progress Report If you've been around AVAC® lately, you've likely seen the AbsoluteFIT flyer starring me — it’s all over the place, heh. (A friend who’s an AVAC® member sent me a pic of it from her phone with the concise commentary: “LOL”). It felt a little weird,... Continue Reading →


Ready, Set, Go?!

Via - Cathie F., Team AVAC Ready, Set, Go?! Starting tomorrow, we are off and running into the Holiday Season.  It seems like only yesterday we had turned the corner into 2014.  For me, this year brought many changes, most of them pretty good, and several had to do with getting fit.  This year saw... Continue Reading →

What’s on YOUR Playlist?

A workout playlist - if done right - can be just the thing to pick you up and keep you going! What's on YOUR playlist? via Web MD | By Robyn Abree Music and Your Workout Music could make your workout better by helping you last longer and enjoy it more. You just have to know what types of... Continue Reading →

AbsoluteFIT: Sara & Donna’s Stories

Sara I’ve always been one to enjoy solo workouts- whether it is running sprints in the hills by Lexington reservoir, a track workout at my old high school, or the usual weights session at AVAC with music blasting through my headphones. I’ve been playing competitive sports since I was 4 years old so exercise has... Continue Reading →

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