I Had Lunch With a Whale the Other Day…


I had lunch with a whale the other day…in fact, I almost was lunch. Believe it or not, this is not an unusual experience for me. How many people get to combine a full-body workout with natures beauty? When I first tried paddle boarding in Hawaii, my goal was to escape the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy the peace and serenity of what nature has to offer. Along the way, I found that I was also getting an incredible head-to-toe work out. After my first paddle boarding excursion I came back exhausted and sore, but the relaxation I felt got me hooked.


I spend as much time as possible on the ocean. There is nothing like the sound, scenery, smell and sensation of the pacific surrounding me. We have incredible wildlife right here in our backyard. One of my fondest memories occurred while I was sitting on my board miles from shore having lunch. I was enjoying my sandwich when a mama whale and her calf came up to greet me. They spent a good amount of time watching what I was doing. ..maybe they wanted a bite of my sandwich? They were not the only friends that met me for lunch that day. I was surrounded by dolphins, sea otters and seals as well. In fact, I had to fight one seal from steeling my board for a quick siesta. Since that day, I have been paddle boarding weekly. My new exercise regimen includes surfing with my paddle board… talk about a workout! One hour of surfing is fun, 5 hours is exhausting, but with such gorgeous views and friendly visitors, it is easy to be caught up in this “exercise”. If you want a complete work out that includes mind, body, heart and soul….you should try paddle boarding.

-Manny F. | Team AVAC

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  1. I LOVE SUP! I tried it for the first time this past June in Hawaii — and now I want to keep going, like every day! I’m too much of a wimp to do it “miles from shore,” like you, though — or in any water colder than the summertime temps around Hawaii, ha!

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