Lee M’s AbsoluteFIT Journey…If You Bite It, You Write It

If You Bite It, You Write It

My Pal is kind of a jerk, because my Pal won’t let me lie, or even fudge just an eensy little bit. My Pal is always just there, lookin’ at me from my iPhone with eyebrows slightly raised, like “Really? …

I mean MyFitnessPal — the food-and-exercise tracking app that my coach, Oceana, is having me use as part of my AbsoluteFIT experience. Actually, what she said — laughingly, but dead serious — was, “If you bite it, you write it.” I hear her every time I open the pantry door, y’all.

I love food, real food, but I have been known to eat half a bag of Pirate’s Booty over the kitchen sink, chase it with cold black coffee, and call it lunch. Not every day, but I’m a writer and a full-time mom — on most weekdays, kid in school and toddler napping, my only window of productivity for the day sliding shut? My own lunch is the very last of my priorities. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Pirates Booty
Tracking was hard the first week. It got easier the second. And now it’s automatic — and most definitely making a difference.

But now that I’m tracking, I’m sort of … prodded into eating better — and that’s a good thing! I needed to treat myself better, to fuel my body properly, to actually get the nutrients my muscles and heart and brain crave.

It’s still gotta be fast — but could I eat a hard-boiled egg, an apple, and a piece of multi-grain toast in the same time as I could hoover up all that Pirate’s Booty? Yes — and not only would I feel better physically, I’d like the look of it on the page better when I’m tracking it, and I wouldn’t be insanely hungry again an hour later.

MyFitnessPal has also made me conscious of how much I do the “just a little bit here and there” type snacking: a handful of M&Ms, another half-glass of wine, the rest of that sleeve of Ritz crackers so I don’t have to put them away — daaaaang, those little bits add up. Understand: If I *want* those things, I eat/drink them — but now that I’m tracking my food, I eat what I like on purpose, instead of mindlessly and without even appreciating it.

Tracking was hard the first week. It got easier the second. And now it’s automatic — habitual, ingrained, and most definitely making a difference.

Lee M. 


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