Lee M’s AbsoluteFIT Journey… You vs. You: The First Assessment

You vs. You: The First Assessment

A thing I understand at 40 that I didn’t at 25 or 30: It’s not a competition.
At least, not between me and others; it’s just me vs. me. “

The scene: A small exercise studio, well-maintained, with a variety of intriguing equipment around the periphery and several sheets of paper taped to the mirror. I’ve been to AVAC, but I’ve never been up here before. A coach — Marcy — welcomes each of the four of us by name. She says we’re doing our monthly assessments today; one woman seems kind of disappointed that there’s no “workout,” but Marcy laughs: “Oh, it’ll be a workout, all right!”

So, I’m going to see what I can do as of today. I feel pretty fit, especially for a 40-year-old with two kids — I ran a half-marathon a year ago, dammit! I work out! But I’m here to improve, to build, to reach beyond. And here’s a thing I understand now, at my age, that I wouldn’t have really understood ten or fifteen years ago: It’s not a competition. At least, not between me and the other participants; it’s just me vs. me.

There’s a real camaraderie in the room — it feels like everybody else understands it’s me vs. me for them, too. Marcy says we’re going to do each move for one minute — as many as you can, with correct form — and then we’ll write down our own numbers on our sheets. Here’s how I did:

  • Squats: I’m awesome at these — 44. (Runner, GroupX veteran, ex-ballet dancer, doncha know.)
  • Burpees: ERMAHGERRRRD I HATE BURPEES. Surprised to get as many as 18.
  • Push-ups: 20, from my knees. Again: surprised I get this many!
  • Skaters: 51, and I’m sensing a theme (legs = strong, arms = … less so).
  • Alternating reverse lunges: 39 — guess I’m getting a little tired.
  • Sit-ups: I haven’t done a full sit-up since FIFTH GRADE, y’all. Struggled to 14, which feels like victory!
  • Planks: Hold a plank position with arms fully extended, go down to your elbows, get back to full extension. It was exactly as exhausting as it sounds; from my knees, I managed a hard-fought 17.
  • Spin bike: At a certain tension, pedal as hard as you can and see how far you get: .7 mile.

And then, although we were already sweaty and nearly spent, Marcy kept her promise and made us do a whole bunch of other stuff to finish out the 45 minutes — she ain’t kiddin’ around.

Anyway, heck of a workout, and it was good to find out what my starting point is; when you commit to AbsoluteFIT, you’ll find yours too!

—Lee M. 

Assesment 1

2 thoughts on “Lee M’s AbsoluteFIT Journey… You vs. You: The First Assessment

  1. THEY’RE AWWWWWWWWFUL! You’re standing up. You drop to plank or push-up position. Sometimes they make you DO a push-up or mountain-climber legs or plank-jacks while you’re down there, but otherwise you just jump your feet back toward your hands, then jump upright to the sky. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. So hard … and apparently, so effective, or every trainer in workoutdom wouldn’t make you do them. 🙂

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