The Active Lifestyle – By Sheena Dinga, Team AVAC

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The Active Lifestyle

Being active is a way of life. In my opinion, getting out there and choosing to have that lifestyle is not something you just naturally have. It’s something that gets introduced to you and you either love it or hate it. Growing up the extent of what we did to stay active was playing outside with the neighbors. It was, of course, fun at the time, but now that I look back, that’s not all that exciting. It wasn’t until I started to work at AVAC that I was actually introduced to everything that I had no idea was out there.

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The people that I worked with became my extended family and since they were ALL active people, I started to try out their hobbies. It started with me meeting up with them to go running. I was never a runner nor did I ever like it. I was the one walking the mile in my PE classes back in the day. But when I was with them it was somehow more fun. Then I went camping. It was the first time I had ever slept in a tent. I even went out and bought my own sleeping bag. It turned out to be a good one because I still have it to this day and it goes with me on all of my trips. And then there was Half Dome…never in my life did I think I would hike up that mountain. That was huge to me. I loved it all so much I tried and tried and tried and finally got my siblings to apply to work here because I wanted them to be a part of this too.

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Since then I run about 5 to 6 races a year, I even ran my first marathon this past May, I do some rock climbing here and there, go camping at least once a year, go on smaller hikes around here and bigger ones when ever I get the chance. Last year I went on a 6 day camping/hiking trip through the Colorado Rockies and earlier this summer I climbed Mt. Shasta. Needless to say staying active has become a part of who I am. I have learned how to make it fun so it doesn’t become a chore or something I have to do. It is now something that I want to do.

-Sheena Dinga, Team AVAC

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