How are YOU warming up?

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How are YOU warming up?

The “Warm-Up”. Probably THE most important yet, utterly under estimated portion of your fitness routine. The Warm-Up is your opportunity to turn your inner core temperature up, loosen up those tight muscle and ligaments, and get you body ready for work. A proper Warm-Up will decrease your chances of injury, physiologically prepare the body for work, and increase performance.

Big deal, so what, who cares…just tell me what to do! Well then, here it is…

A proper Warm-Up should be a minimum of 5 minutes and last up to 15-20 minutes. First, get the heart rate up! Any way possible: Cardio, Calisthenics, Jumping Rope, Functional Movements, etc. Build up to a light sweat, something around 60-70% of your Maximal Hear Rate for 4-8 minutes should do the trick. Second, MOVE! That’s right, move your body in every way possible! Do some calisthenics, some joint mobility exercises, or some yoga. You want to move the body and loosen everything up. But save the serious stretching for after the workout. Once the engine is warm, now you’re ready to workout!

– Jon Cebula, Personal Trainer
Almaden Valley Athletic Club



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