Madison’s AbsoluteFIT Progress

Madison Before...and After
Madison Before…and After

Madison’s Story…

“I was cleaning out my room one day and stumbled upon pictures from my years in college and noticed as each year went by, my waistline got bigger and bigger. It was not only a photo collage of the great times I had in college but also an in your face representation of how shifted my priorities had become. Over the years I had always known I was gaining the weight, and would try various weight loss methods. I lost a little weight here and there but was never able to turn the positive changes I had made into a permanent lifestyle. I would become discouraged by the lack of quick results after a few weeks of intense effort then give up thinking it was just another hopeless attempt. I had to limit the stores I shopped in and was forced to shop in the ones that only carried plus size clothes. I would see another picture of myself and try to put another plan into action but be haunted by my past weight loss failures. I felt as though I would never lose the weight.

In March, I was told about AbsoluteFIT and decided to try it out. I was apprehensive at first about signing up due to the overwhelming amount of weight I needed to lose and my history of lower back injuries. I was concerned my back wasn’t ready to handle this kind of challenge. I met with my coach Oceana, who explained that AbsoluteFIT is a whole lifestyle change. You can’t just choose one aspect of your life to change and lose the weight you want. It’s a combination of being active, choosing foods that fuel your body and changing your outlook. In order to really understand my starting point, Oceana took all my measurements (height, weight, body fat percentage and a fitness test) to track my progress as we went through the program. I informed her of my back problems and she went over modifications we could try if my back was acting up. We also went over my goals and put an action plan together where I was to work out 5 days a week and make small changes to my diet. Small changes to my diet, not a problem. Working out 5 days a week, seemed impossible. I communicated my concern with Oceana and told her 5 days a week was too much starting out. She just smiled and told me “We’re going to get you missing exercise on your off days… you can do 5 days”. I laughed out loud and told her I don’t even like exercising and missing it was not going to happen. I walked out of her office telling myself I’d try it out and do my best.

My first AbsoluteFIT class was HARD, I’m not going to lie. My weak legs trembled as I attempted to walk down the stairs after class and I had to sit down before taking a shower, worried about the possibility of passing out. I didn’t know how I was going to keep this up. But class after class and to my surprise, it got easier and I became stronger. All the core exercises during the classes strengthened my back and each trainer gave me modifications as I needed them. I even began craving exercise on my off days (shocker) and felt like my day was incomplete if I didn’t get some sort of exercise in. I unfortunately had to put my workouts on hold after undergoing a procedure for my lower back but Oceana was ready and waiting for me to recover, armed with excellent lower back exercises for when I felt like I was ready to start again. It has been 5 months since starting AbsoluteFIT and I feel like a completely different person. My paradigm towards food and exercise has been shifted and making the better choice has become a habit. I have done a lot of reflection on why my past experiences with weight loss were unsuccessful and the conclusion I have come to is that I was trying to accomplish weight loss by myself. I have found success with AbsoluteFIT due to the constant support from my coach Oceana and the AbsoluteFIT team and I have been motivated and inspired to maintain the new changes in my life. What I like and value the most is that Oceana doesn’t just tell me to watch what I eat and show me how to exercise… I can get that from any website or how to book. She practices what she preaches and it is inspiring to see her working just as hard as I am. About a month ago, I stepped into a “non plus size” shop just to see if I could fit in their pants and to my surprise, I did. It had been 7 years since I could fit into regular size pants and I was out of my mind excited. I now take pictures with pride knowing that when I look back on them in the years to come, I will be happy and proud of the person I have become. Big thanks to Oceana and the AbsoluteFIT team!”


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