Kudos to Jon Cebula!

Jon (left) during a recent training session
Thank you David for your recent Kudos!…
“As a fairly new AVAC member, I just wanted to pass along my high marks for Jon Cebula. I was signed up to him for two free training sessions, he did my fitness evaluation, showed me the machines, and I signed up for a set of five additional sessions.
I’m an out-of-shape 52-year-old but I’m motivated to change; Jon devised a training plan for me that is challenging but realistic. He explained the kind of workouts I should be doing to meet my short-term and long-term goals. When I come in to AVAC, I use the training cards that he made out for me with machine settings and weight targets.
I’m confident that I can make progress knowing that a professional trainer has given me a framework for success. I’ve already lost a few pounds and feel stronger than I was six months ago. My thanks to Jon and to everyone at AVAC.”

-David, AVAC Member

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