Pilates for Health, I’m a Believer

By – Mary Ann Smith

Mary Ann bone density

Several years ago I had a bone scan.  My radiologist told me that despite my years of teaching fitness and endurance classes, I had osteoporosis.  I was not the norm.  I wasn’t sure what to do.

Taking my 50 hour course training for Stott Pilates gave me way to think about resistive training without jumping that would increase the problem of a fracture of the bones already at risk.

I started to do more work on the reformer.  I made sure it was easy enough for seniors to do yet demanding on the bone structure to increase bone density.  This past month I went for another bone scan.  The technician told me she expected to see a scan that wasn’t encouraging.  Instead I now have osteopenia which is the precursor to osteoporosis.  I have gone from bad to not so bad!  The technician and the radiologist both are surprised to see the results.  And I am one happy patient to see that Reformer Pilates helps with bone health.

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