The Active Lifestyle – By Sheena Dinga, Team AVAC

The Active Lifestyle Being active is a way of life. In my opinion, getting out there and choosing to have that lifestyle is not something you just naturally have. It’s something that gets introduced to you and you either love it or hate it. Growing up the extent of what we did to stay active... Continue Reading →


What Your Activity Tracker Sees and Doesn’t See

via - By ALBERT SUN and ALASTAIR DANT High-tech fitness and activity trackers all share one thing: an accelerometer. Here’s how they work — and don’t. Accelerometers record changes in motion relative to the device: up and down, side to side, and front to back. This little device contains a three-axis accelerometer. When still, it records... Continue Reading →

How are YOU warming up?

How are YOU warming up? The “Warm-Up”. Probably THE most important yet, utterly under estimated portion of your fitness routine. The Warm-Up is your opportunity to turn your inner core temperature up, loosen up those tight muscle and ligaments, and get you body ready for work. A proper Warm-Up will decrease your chances of injury,... Continue Reading →

Madison’s AbsoluteFIT Progress

Madison's Story... "I was cleaning out my room one day and stumbled upon pictures from my years in college and noticed as each year went by, my waistline got bigger and bigger. It was not only a photo collage of the great times I had in college but also an in your face representation of... Continue Reading →

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