The Journey Thus Far…

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By Brittni Lauper – Almaden Valley Athletic Club

Humans are by nature resistant to change. Change is a scary thing! And even the smallest change can be a rollercoaster of emotions and a never ending hill climb. I applied for this job at AVAC, a short four months ago, to be a part of a positive work culture; a strong team and a group of people that enjoy being around one another. As a member, I saw these qualities in the AVAC staff. To my pleasant surprise I was sucked into the idea of Absolute Fit.

The Absolute Fit program is so much more than people perceive it to be. It’s not just a workout program; it is a support system, a total body transformation and most importantly a new life style. My journey began in May and slowly but surely my habits, body and state of mind are beginning to change.

My favorite part of the Absolute Fit program is being able to meet with my coach, Jon Cebula and work one on one to plan ahead, stay on track, set specific goals and, well, talk about just anything. In my opinion this type of support is the key to success. Jon has a unique style of coaching skills and goes above and beyond to help me keep a positive attitude.

Not only is there constant support from my coach but every absolute fit class is a burst of motivation. Each instructor pushes me to my limits and I learn something new about my body after every workout. My fellow Absolute Fit participants have become enjoyable familiar faces and we all urge each other to work as hard as we can in class. It is a great feeling to be surrounded with people who want to better themselves just as I do.

Even though each workout is a struggle the feeling of accomplishment after every session is what keeps me going. I know that if I continue to work hard, meal prep and stick to the plan I will reach my goals.

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