So Much to Celebrate this Fourth of July

via Mary Ann Smith – AVAC

This week we celebrate the Fourth of July. Almaden Valley Athletic Club’s Wellness mission statement states that our responsibility to our members and guests is to help with body, mind and spirit. So on this national holiday some of us are celebrating in spirit. We are gathering at the home of Mary Ann and Gil Smith to watch the Fourth of July Montevideo parade and then have social time together. Part of our fitness regime is to have social time together. In that social time we gather new information, make new friends and let tension from our everyday problems ease away. We love our fitness classes, we love to increase our knowledge; but on this day we relax and have fun. We celebrate not only the Fourth of July but we also celebrate our friendship with one another.

Happy Fourth of July….be safe…..have fun.

Celebrating July 4th
Mary Ann Smith’s Home

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