Zucchini Fritters – Mmmm!

via - Wellness Mama I’m always looking for fun ways to prepare veggies, and this is a kid-favorite at our house. These Zucchini fritters are similar to tater tots or hash browns in taste but are more nutritious. They are also very simple to make and reheat well (and leftovers are great in omelets or... Continue Reading →


Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

Dehydrated? These 7 Foods Will Satisfy Your Thirst and Hunger Treat your taste buds and replenish your water via - Health Hub, Cleveland Clinic When heat and humidity soar, keeping your body hydrated matters more than ever. Did you know you can hydrate with what’s on your plate — not just what’s in your cup?... Continue Reading →

Accidental Exercise

By Katie Kennedy, AVAC My Sister-in-Law coined the phrase "accidental exercise" and I love it! It encompasses any extra exertion you put out during your normal day. For example, not finding a parking space right next to the building, or walking from one store to the next instead of driving. Maybe the elevator is broken... Continue Reading →

Healthy & Easy Breakfast Bowl

via - jeanetteshealthyliving.com Healthy Refried Bean Breakfast Bowl Recipe This Healthy Refried Bean Breakfast Bowl makes a protein-rich breakfast or a versatile side dish at dinnertime. Top with salsa, avocado, a poached egg and hot sauce for the ultimate Refried Bean Breakfast Bowl. One of my boys has been on a huge breakfast and workout spree. You should... Continue Reading →

The Journey Thus Far…

By Brittni Lauper - Almaden Valley Athletic Club Humans are by nature resistant to change. Change is a scary thing! And even the smallest change can be a rollercoaster of emotions and a never ending hill climb. I applied for this job at AVAC, a short four months ago, to be a part of a... Continue Reading →

Performance-enhancing drugs and teen athletes

via - mayoclinic.org Performance-enhancing drugs and teen athletes Performance-enhancing drugs can be tempting for teen athletes. Understand the warning signs and what you can do to keep your teen from using shortcuts to improve athletic performance. By Mayo Clinic Staff News stories abound about famous athletes who admit to having used performance-enhancing drugs. So it's... Continue Reading →

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