The Rhythm Is The Power

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There is MAGICAL ENERGY in the beat of every song I select for our class:

Every song I choose – I choose for it’s Rhythm – it’s BPM. (Beats Per Minute)

When we warm up – I choose songs with a BPM of 95-105 Light resistance)

If I want to simulate a flat road -I choose a song with a BPM of 70 -95 BPM (Medium resistance)

If I want to simulate a climb – I choose a song with a BPM of 60-70 BPM. (Heavy Resisitance)

My belief is that the TEMPO of the song I pay – allows you to intercept the beat with the degree of resistance that YOU need   – in order to get a good workout.

Once you get ON THE BEAT and feel your body channelling the rhythm of the song BACK into the pedal stroke – your workout will be more FUN and more FULFILLING.

There’s  a visceral satisfaction in moving your body to the metre or beat of a song – and that results in FREE ENERGY!
Your body LOVES it. And it rewards you with adrenaline and tenacity!

Almost every song I play is basic 4/4 beat – something you could easily clap your hands to or tap your fingers on the steering wheel when you’re driving.

I’m just asking you you to feed that energy and syncopation into the pedals  – and not give up!

Get hold of the rhythm of the song and make a commitment to stay in the moment for the duration of the exercise. A short break is never more than 3 minutes away.

If you are ever having trouble finding the beat of the song or getting a good tempo on the bike – you probably need more resistance. Turn the red  (FOCUS) dial to the RIGHT – and your body will thank you you for the extra effort!

The Rhythm Is The Power. The Momentum. The Reason To Keep Going. Don’t give up. Trust the song, trust your body – and don’t let go!

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