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Since running the Capitola Surfers Path Marathon on Sunday May18th people have asked me two things: was it hard and would I do it again?

The hardest thing about running a marathon, in my opinion was not the marathon itself but the training. After all, the day itself is something you have trained for. After 18 weeks of training I should be ready. The training was tough, heading out on my own to pound the pavement. The first half of training is fine, you’re enjoying getting out and getting stronger. Half way through you’re thinking, wow this is awesome, I’ve just done 13 miles and I feel great. Two weeks later you’re thinking, man I got go out again and run for 3 hours. The enthusiasm starts getting lost, I was running out of pavement to pound and my music was getting old really fast. To be honest by the time the race is a week away you can’t wait to get it done. The race of course was tough, the first half was great and I found I had plenty of energy starting the second half. As I got to mile 20 I was full of emotion knowing that I was just 6 miles away from finishing, I stopped and took a moment to check out the view. It was a beautiful spot looking out to sea, I snapped a picture and sent an emotional video to my parents in the UK and carried on. The hardest part of the marathon by far was the last 3 miles, I could see the finish line and it never felt like it was getting any closer. It obviously did and I am happy to have finished just 4 minutes after my goal time. I’m sure if I hadn’t stopped to admire the view I would have made it. But it doesn’t matter, I’m couldn’t be happier with my accomplishment plus sometimes we just need to stop and admire the view.

Would I do it again, never say never.

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