Qualifying For A National Event

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This summer will mark the first time that I will qualify for one of the biggest tennis tournaments that is offered every four years. Many people have never heard of this event because it doesn’t show on ESPN or even really promoted unless you happen to be gay. For the first time I will be competing in the US Gay Open at the same time it will be my birthday; so I will be another year older and wishing that I do well as a bay area competitor. This year will mark ten years playing competitive tennis between tournaments and league play, through-out this time I learned that no matter some players will know you for one reason or another.

The top three comments that I hear about my game are always the same: That I make people hit an extra shot, avoid my backhand because it’s more dangerous, and never let my size fool you because I will run down the ball and make you go crazy. Sports will always bring enjoyment to the world but until someone finds a sport that they want to talk about and follow a pro they can never really sports to the full potential.

I have always enjoyed watching and playing many sports including: Tennis, Golf, Hockey, and Soccer. All of these sports have taught me many things about myself including style and history. I will never be disappointed if I don’t win a tournament, as long as I know that I gave it my all. Just to qualify into this event will be a life changing experience for me and I will be so proud should I win my first round let alone being able to possibly win this event. I know that my friends will root me on and my doubles partner and long time tennis friends will root me on here at AVAC.

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  1. Nathan: Congratulations on being accepted to this event! Good luck, and enjoy yourself. And last but certainly not the least, a Big Thank You for the job you do at AVAC!

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