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Ok, I need to preface what I plan to share with you by saying that I have worked at AVAC for 25 years, and you would think that because I work at an amazing Athletic Club I should be physically fit and healthy as a result. Unfortunately, I may work at an Athletic Club, but I don’t often work out at said Club!

I have many roles – employee, wife, mother, friend, etc. that place demands on my time, and are often used as reasons (substitute – excuses) to keep me from taking the best care of myself. I also need you to know that I love sweets, all kinds of sweets, any kind of sweets and I really love chocolate.

I am also a fan of The Biggest Loser television show. I love watching and rooting for the contestants as they work to make big changes in their lives. I do understand that how they are effecting these changes is not realistic for most people, however, I sit cheering them on for every pound they lose. Back in February I happened to be watching the finale, and after seeing all the transformations in these folks’ lives I decided that something needed to change in my life. I made the decision that day that I was going to cut out sugar from my diet with an ultimate goal of becoming healthier. Could I do that for the rest of my life? Probably not! But I could set a doable goal for myself. My daughter had a gymnastics competition in Belgium in April, and I determined that I was not going to eat sugar until we got to Belgium where I then intended to eat tons of Belgian chocolate and waffles! Once I set that goal, I knew that I would only be able to reach it with the help of everyone in my life. So I started telling everyone what I was doing. Our office usually has candy in a bowl readily accessible, so my co-workers were the first ones I enlisted to help. They were great about keeping the candy out of the office (or hidden) so as not to tempt me. My family was as helpful as could be when they remembered – my 16 year old ran into the room on Valentine’s Day with a huge heart-filled box of chocolate asking if I wanted some, and then apologizing when she saw the look on my face!

Was making this change easy? Absolutely not! Did I mention that I love sweets? But was it doable? The answer is ultimately yes. I took each day as it came, knowing that the goal was worth the effort. I made it through Valentine’s Day, my daughter’s birthday, and even my anniversary without giving in. It has been said that it takes 28 days to break a habit. I don’t know if that’s true, but I know that you can do anything you put your mind to if you set a goal, make yourself accountable to others, and take it just one day at a time. Does this sound like AbsoluteFit?! We headed to Belgium April 7th, and I did eat both chocolate and waffles, but within reason. Now that I am back, am I off sugar again? No, but I am much more deliberate about choosing what I do eat.

My next goal is to actually start working out at AVAC on a regular basis! Now that I’ve told you about it, you can help keep me accountable! Stop in the Business Office when you finish your workout and ask me how I am doing, and let me know how you are doing with your goals!

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