Is Aquatic Fitness For You?

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You don’t need anything but a bathing suit, and about 4 – 5 feet of water (shallow water workout) or deep water with a flotation belt. It’s all about moving your body, not making excuses, and most of all having fun! ANYONE, YES, ANYONE can do this workout. Whether you are 10 or 100, you can swim or not, it does not matter. You just have to love getting in a pool and moving around.

A Few Facts about Aquatic Fitness
Number one, you do not have to know how to swim. A shallow water workout is done in chest deep water. You do not ever submerge your head. Deep water workouts are done with flotation belts on, but you can do simple modifications if you still want to stay in shallower water.

Let’s talk a little about cardio. The best proven way to get the most effective workout is to do interval training. In my Aquatic fitness workout it is about getting the heart rate up to a mid level and then doing short burst of high level cardio, with slower toning moves in-between. Intervals not only give you the most caloric burn during your workout, but also keeps your metabolism up for a longer time after you workout. You just need to remember the rule.. “If you are talking you are not working!”

As for toning, there is eleven times more resistance in the water then on land. Plus the inertia you create by your own force and speed can make aquatic fitness an awesome toning workout. By building lean muscle we are burning more fat and calories. The only way to naturally raise your metabolism is to build lean muscle. So you are in control of your results and YOUR workout!

MYTH: Aquatic fitness is an easy workout….. TRUTH: Aquatic fitness is NOT an easy workout, it’s easier on your body and there is a far less chance of injury! Just like any workout it’s about what you put into it or not!

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  1. Sandra is an awesome water aerobics instructor. Always focusing on doing the movements correctly so that her students build lean muscles. Every time I’m in the pool she motivates me to work my hardest. The bonus is Sandra truly cares about each of us in her classes and tells us to always go at our own pace. That is wonderful for some but I personally like to be pushed that extra bit and she hits the mark each and every time. The water workouts at AVAC are fun and challenging if you put effort into it. All of the instructors are great. If you want to get into shape this is certainly a great way to do it.

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