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I have always loved going on hikes. Exploring new areas always brings excitement to any day. Just last year my boyfriend and I hiked in parts of Puerto Vallarta and through the Colorado Rockies. Although I have to say that I have never done a day hike like the one we did a couple of weeks ago.

My boyfriend and I decided to go on a day trip to South Lake Tahoe to go snow shoeing. Given the beautiful weather we’d been having, we didn’t know if there would be any snow, but we decided to tie them to our packs and bring them anyway. Savion my 12 year old cousin and Eli my 4 year old nephew, who had both never before been to the snow, and my brother Randy came to tag along. It was such a great mix that it was bound to be an awesome trip. At 3 am we woke up, packed the car and headed off to Tahoe.

We arrived and the Eagle Lake Trail at about 9am, grabbed our packs and started on our way. The hike up was beautiful! There were waterfalls and bridges and small, frozen over lakes. But the most fun was when we finally got high enough, (about 4 miles up) to put on our snow shoes. Yes we found snow! Now seeing as though all of us have never actually used snow shoes before it took quite a while to get them on, but it was worth the wait. The trail went straight up and was for sure a challenge. When we finally got to the top we were able to rest, have a snack, and of course have a snowball fight or two. It was so awesome seeing Eli so excited about the freezing cold ball of ice in his hand that his dad taught him to make. And as for Savion, I don’t think I have seen that many snow angels… ever.

As it got later and we finally decided that it was time to go. We packed all our stuff up and looked at the slope we needed to climb down. As I took one step and fell straight on my bottom and slid the rest of the way down, the boys saw and followed suit. It was one of those moments you wish you would have gotten on camera. As we reached the bottom and headed back to our car, we looked up at the mountain we just climbed and were ready for the 5 hour car ride home. Knowing the day trip was a successful one.

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