The Other Ultimate Workout

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We all know that Spinning is the mother of all workouts and trains the most important muscle in your body: YOUR HEART!

But – I’ve been searching for another “Ultimate Workout” in a singular exercise (to compliment Spinning) for years and I think I’ve found it…

Tim Ferriss wrote about it in his ground-breaking book “The Four Hour Body” An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman…

So, next to Spinning, what is The other ultimate workout? It’s the Kettlebell Swing! Unlike many weight machines or free weight exercises (that isolate individual muscle groups), the Kettlebell Swing engages every muscle from the achilles tendon to the base of the neck! BAM! One exercise! Talk about bang for your buck! Booya-Kasha!
It’s been reported that Kettlebell workouts burn about 20 calories per minute or 500 calories in 25 minutes. Bloody marvellous!

So, in addition to your Spinning commitments and your CORE workout, if you were going to focus on only ONE other exercise – the Kettlebell Swing should be a serious contender! And, If you round out your workout off with a few sets of pushups, I think you’ve got a program that’s hard to beat!

Here’s the best instructional video I could find on YouTube for the Kettlebell Swing:

Give it a go and let me know what you think! Girls: start off with a 15-20lb kettle bell. Boys: try a 30-40 pounder.

Cheers, Marcus

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