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I’m usually very diligent about hydrating before, during and after Spinning  – and as a result, I am going to re-up my commitment to pre-class fueling with a sports drink or electrolyte enhanced water.

Here’s an Amazon link to the Electrolyte tabs I use – you just pop ‘em in a glass of water before and after a Class or Workout.

There’s a lot of scientific and anecdotal information out there if you Google cycling and hydration – but in my opinion it’s different for everybody…

I know what works for me:

  • 16 oz of  electrolyte enhanced water before my workout (try to finish it 20 mins before you get on the bike to allow proper absorption) PLUS a banana or half PBJ if I haven’t eaten for over 4 hours.
  • 16- 20 oz of water for every 45 Mins I spend on the bike. On Sundays I do 2 big bottles.
  • 16  oz of electrolyte enhanced water after my workout (within half an hour) – and then a balanced meal (see below for nutrition article)

I feel so much more powerful after 30 minutes on the bike when I’m properly hydrated. You may think – “I don’t need to worry about this – I don’t sweat much” but have you ever arrived at a Spin Class and thought “i don’t feel much like riding hard today…” (or, half way through the class – felt like you hit the wall?) That’s your body, telling your mind that you aren’t properly hydrated and your blood sugar levels are running low.

If you do adopt a similar hydration program to me and pay attention to nutrition, you will give your body and mind the fuel it needs to work at maximum capacity during your Spin and complete the class with energy to spare!

Here’s a really good article on Nutrition for Riders

Cheers, Marcus

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