15 Unbelievably Adorable Animals Exercising

via BuzzFeed 1. Ready to exercise? Let’s start with a stretch! 2. Nice motions! 3. #NailedIt 4. Work that Child’s Pose! 5. Ahhhh… this is the life. 6. Let’s pick up the pace. Work on that cardio! 7. Maybe do some pull-ups! 8. Work that core! 9. Someone’s been practicing! 10. Whoa! Look at that leg! 11. Nice arch! 12. On to push-ups. 13. Too much cuteness. Let’s... Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving Meals In Calories

via Daily Infographic Happy Thanksgiving, or to be more politically correct, Happy Turkey Day! What a wonderful day it is today, a day full of food and spending time with friends and family. Here is a little fun fact about Turkey Day, many Americans believe that it all started with the Pilgrims and Native Americans... Continue Reading →

10 Strategies To Prevent The Holiday Bulge

via Kim Mueller - Active 'Tis the season for holiday feasts, a calendar packed with holiday parties, and weather that can diminish our motivation to train. In November and December we're faced with every culinary temptation imaginable, which makes it difficult to maintain peak fitness. In fact, it's common for some to pack on five... Continue Reading →

Healthy Mashed Potatoes

via fANNtastic food These taste like normal mashed potatoes, but there are a few secret ingredients. Not only is the nutrition amped up with equal parts mashed cauliflower (you seriously don’t even taste it), but there’s also added protein and fiber from a can of cannellini beans, too! Healthy Mashed Potatoes (Serves 6 to 8... Continue Reading →

White Bean Turkey Kale Soup

via Greatist Thanksgiving is just around the corner (for Americans, at least) and that means it's time to start planning those festive feasts. In Canada, we do Thanksgiving in October, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying turkey leftovers for the past couple of weeks. One of my favorite healthy creations has been this white bean, turkey,... Continue Reading →

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