Beautiful Yosemite

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September is a beautiful month to visit Yosemite. Yes, you are right. The falls were a mere trickle but the fall weather, great company and few crowds made for a great outing.  Seven staff and members took time out of our busy lives to see some of the wonderous sights that John Muir found mesmerizing.

Jeff Griffith-Jones was our guide for the day. He is so educated about Yosemite that we felt like we had the greatest outdoor classroom. We entered the park on the south entrance and went up slow grades until before us lay the whole valley near Granite Point. I could hardly believe my eyes. I have lived in San Jose since 1966 and I have never been there.  (But I’ll be back.)

We had lunch together in the Valley, went to Ansel Adams Gallery, the museum and the Visitor’s Center. We had a wonderful time with people on the trip that spanned generations and languages. Thanks to Jeff Griffith-Jones, Hanna and Eden to help make members and guests comfortable in each others’ company the whole day.

We look forward to May 2014 and another trip. We’ll have an overnight stay to see the waterfalls and hike. Think of joining us. You’ll be so glad you make this time for yourself.

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