The Best Week Of My Life

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When my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go camping in Colorado with him for a week, I thought, why not? I love the outdoors and I will never turn down an opportunity to actually see the stars. And it turned out to be the most amazing week of hikes I have ever had.

We spent months leading up to the trip going on hikes and runs around our neighborhood to make sure our lungs would be in good enough shape for that altitude; and it paid off. We packed in about 4 miles with close to 80 pounds of gear on our back, dropped it off at our campsite and took off. Over the next 6 days we hiked about 6 to 8 miles per day over rivers, or should I say logs, brush as high as our waists, fallen down trees in what we called Dead Wood Forest and straight up for about 2,000 feet. But I have to say that my favorite day was the day we went to Marvine Lake.

We woke up early and started on the 3 mile hike further in to one of the largest lakes in the area, Marvine Lake. We got there around 8 am and took a break to go fishing. 3 hours and 2 fish later we got stuck in a massive hail storm. So once it cleared up we packed up to go back. When we realized the storm was moving the other way we decided to take the long way back, up and across the side of the mountain.  I thought going up would be the hardest part but it was the most fun. We made it half way in about an hour and ran into a heard of Elk. As we followed them up 2 miles and 1,000 feet later, we called it a day and found our way back down.

Hands down best trip of my life. The fresh air was awesome and I even got to enjoy the stars a couple of nights. I can’t wait for the next one!

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