Why You Need to Take That Vacation

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We spend a great chunk of our lives working, it is completely inevitable. In order to keep a balance between the hectic years of work and self-preservation, I vouch to finally take those unused vacation hours and take a trip! Taking a vacation, even a small weekend getaway, is going to not only benefit the individual, but the company as a whole. Now let me explain.

Taking that time off is going to require increased time with either family, friends, or even yourself. That bonding time is going to produce deeper connections between the individuals, and since we are all social creatures, having stronger relationships will increase our happiness. If you are taking a vacation by yourself, this extra time is going to allow for some personal thought-clearing. In the crazy world that we live in, some extra personal reflection is not going to hurt anyone.

When you are traveling, you are going to be surrounded by individuals and settings that are different. It might be silly saying this while living in one of the most diverse areas in the world, but hearing different perspectives while traveling is honestly life changing. Every time I travel, what I get amazed by the most is how open people are. They will tell you stories, they will feed you the local cuisine, they will show you all the best local spots. By being friendly to people, you will get a taste of their world, which will be quiet different than yours.

So after you come back to work, what happens? With the experiences that you just had, you are going to come back to work with increased appreciation for what you have, meaning you are going to be less prone to the “burn out” effect. If you continue on a marathon of work, it will be easy to see your job as mundane. In order to stay away from this destructive path, it is imperative for individuals to get the needed resting time. If the workers are happy, the entire company thrives. Another interesting thing that happens when you come back from a trip is your increased creativity. The combination of new experiences, interactions, and settings is going to provide an individual with a different thinking process, which is only going to benefit the entire company.

In the end, I believe that your life expands with experiences, not material possessions. Taking a vacation does not equate to traveling half way across the globe, but it does equate to finally going somewhere, be it either a camping trip or a getaway to San Francisco. Broadening your horizons with new experiences is going to only make you a more valuable worker through your increased work enthusiasm and personal self-growth. So instead of immediately saying no to that  potential trip, think about all the benefits that it will bring to you. Life is not all about work, so make sure to balance it out by finally getting out there.

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