All Natural – No Dye – Rainbow Snow Cones

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These Rainbow Snow Cones, give a whole new level of health to this favorite, sugar laced summer treat!  With pure fruit and vegetable juices, and of course the right presentation, there was not one child who refused to eat one.  Here is the complete step by step of how we made these refreshing treats!

Step 1) I found snow cone cups.  This step alone was the only reason my kids wanted to try one.  They loved them!  You can find them anywhere they sell snow cone supplies (I found mine at Walmart).

Step 2) We took a cereal box in order to make a snow cone holder.  The box should be somewhat deep, in order to hold them.  Cut circles out of the top by tracing a bottle cap (like a pill bottle).  Then let your kids decorate the box with paint or paper.

cherrio box for snow cones

homemade snow cone holder

Step 3)  Juice fruits and or vegetables!  We chose

  • 1 beet and 1 strawberry for red.
  • 1 orange for a yellowish color
  • 1 yam plus 1 carrot for orange.
  • 1 celery stalk and 1 green apple for green.

juicing for snow cones

Step 4) Put juices in a small squeeze bottle (I buy these by the kitchen gadgets or the cake decorating supplies)

healthy dye free snow cones

Step 5) Shave the ice!  I put a few handfuls of ice into a good blender, and it literally came out like snow!

homemade snow cones

Step 6) Let your kids squeeze on the juice!  Beets and yams may not sound like a delicious smoothie combo, but it was interesting how willing these kids were to eat them.  The flavor is pretty subtle anyway, with the ice being so overwhelming. It’s definitely not the same as DRINKING Beet juice!  the only trouble I had was with the celery/apple.  It came out a little too thick for our taste. My juicer does not have a filter to really strain enough of the pulp.

diy healthy snow cones

make your own healthy snow cones

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